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Mistress Cheyenne orders her slave to crawl towards her and worship on her boots while she sits back on the couch and watches him (61 pics)
Mistress Raven orders her slave to her bedside to lick on her boots while she relaxes and reads on the papers (25 pics)
Mistress Sandi loves watching her slave girl down groveling at her feet and licking on her boots to please her Mistress (56 pics)
Video clip - Mistress Raven is reading on the magazine and notices her attending slave hasn't had anything to do and she makes him busy by licking on her boots (5 min 29 sec)
Video clip - Mistress Sandi summons her slave girl who desperately rushes over on her knees and get her Mistress's home coming licking all over her boots to cheer up her Mistress (4 min 45 sec)
Video clip - Mistress Anna Lee orders her slave to crawl over and lick her dusty boots clean after a long day outdoor fun (5 min 15 sec)

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